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Interim Management


Interim Management

– Deutsche Ingenieure GmbH supports you, when you need temporarily help in your managerial task. We offer competent experience in the management of companies, subsidiaries, departments. We are aware of situations when there is a timely limited requirement for an executive manager, quality manager, R&D manager, project manager. In many cases the company objectives can not be achieved by the existing management team. We can offer support for companies in these situations. We are planning and conducting a re-engineering or we implement a new organizational structure together with you. We develop a work plan together with you. We start with the description of the as-is state. Together with you we will describe the target state. When all the necessary framework and common objectives are shared and agreed upon then we come into play and implement.

We are your substitutes. We enhance your bench.

We remain in the game as long as the agreed upon objectives are requiring it. Our success will be measured with the results or our performances.

Our effort is your benefit!



Value engineering

DE INE – Deutsche Ingenieure GmbH supports you to assess your set of products. We have experience in portfolio analyses. Associated with that we are analyzing your products and we introduce a cost based calculation structure which will support your sales force to provide reliable and sustainable product offers for the market.

We come together with your specialists and analyze your products by applying a methodological approach and we are free from historically grown boundaries or limitations. In the beginning we will create a portfolio analysis of your products. Together with your team we will identify which product shall be re-engineered. Based on a functional structure we are able to describe the as-is state of the product and this will lead us to the target state. Each product function will open up an area of possible solutions. These can be assessed regarding product development, production and costs. Now we can start together with you to make the appropriate decisions.

And even better – We implement the ideas – Always!





DE INE – Deutsche Ingenieure GmbH supports you in your international establishment. We will be with you when you want to adapt your cost structure, f.i. in product development and to gain market share in new areas. We will help you with the set up of subsidiaries in Eastern – Europe or Asia. We know the structures of China and we know what needs to be looked at in a search for development – or production – partners. Together with you we will discuss your plan. We will develop the business plan and we will support you in the implementation of your plan. We can guarantee you absolute transparency during the implementation. We will install a planning along milestones with regular progress reporting. You can rely on us when you need to add qualified personnel or when you need to find appropriate office or production space.

We know the rules of the game – We talk the language




Engineering service

DE INE – Deutsche Ingenieure GmbH can strengthen your development team. We support you when you are in the need of timely limited engineering resources to complete necessary engineering tasks. We have the specialists who can perform successful SW-development according to automotive standards. Our developers have the knowledge to do design work and implement HW and SW for embedded systems. We clarify the tasks together with you and identify the candidates who will best fit for you.

When you request it then we will also develop projects in our own premises. In this case we will agree upon the project content and deliver the work results in line with agreed upon dates. We conduct the project and quality management for the projects.

When you request timely limited specialists who are competent in the implementation of ISO 26262 functional safety then you should also talk to us.

We strengthen your team – We want your success