About us

Since its foundation in 2013, the DE INE - Deutsche Ingenieure GmbH successfully pursues the goal to strengthen our customers in areas like


  • organization
  • strategy
  • management.

In this, we succeed time and time again, because the DE INE GmbH and its network of partners bring together experts in engineering, production and human resource management. They bring together a high level of experience in execution of transformation processes, optimisation of products and processes, and implementation of innovative ideas.
As experienced implementers we advise our clients after an extensive analysis, and assist in ranking priorities. We focus on a value analysis approach, which, depending on the assignment, may lead to either an adjustment or an expansion of the product portfolio. We have repeatedly demonstrated and implemented product costs savings of 20% or more!

We offer

- Our effort is your benefit! -

Interim Management

Interim Management

We offer competence in management of companies, subsidiaries, departments...
Value engineering

Value engineering

We analyse your product portfolio and introduce a cost-based calculation structure...


We assist in setting up subsidiaries in Eastern Europe or Asia...
Engineering Service ...
Engineering service

Engineering service

We jump in when you are in need of short-term engineering resources...

Project Examples

We are not consultants, we are implementers.

Success stories:

  • Organisational realignment of the engineering division for a producer of power charging solutions and energy storage systems

  • Realisation of products for stationary storage of solar power for residential and industrial applications

  • Composition and issuance of a funding application for an electro-mobility concept at regional level

  • Creation of a new division supporting electro-mobility solutions for an automotive tier 1 supplier

  • Realisation of an embedded wallbox as charging solution for electrical vehicles

  • Consulting service for automotive suppliers and manufacturers in selecting environmental sensors and control units for ADAS and autonomous resp. automated driving

  • Execution of market analyses, including reports, as foundation for strategic decisions of our customers

  • Optimisation of a machine taking back cans and PET bottles for an international manufacturer of deposit-refunding machines

  • Interim CTO defining a new modular product concept realising substantial cost savings

  • Take-over of procurement and supplier selection, improving product quality and minimizing product costs


DE INE - Deutsche Ingenieure GmbH connects experienced engineers, managers and business people, and also utilizes its cooperation network of companies.

We work closely with renowned engineering service providers. Complementing our skill set when restructuring under insolvency protection, we can rely on our partner KR Management UG in Berlin:

We cooperate with prestigious personnel service providers in areas of personnel management and the recruitment of key personnel.
We also recommend the team of Growth River UG,, a fresh breath for customers.

Talk to us! We look forward to work with you!