DEINE– Deutsche Ingenieure GmbH is a service providing company that offers services for
  • organization
  • strategy
  • environment
  • trading
  • management


We are not consultants, we are implementers!

DEINE – Deutsche Ingenieure GmbH supports companies when
  • (re-) certifications acc. ISO/TS 16949 are due,
  • environmental or energy footprints need to be created,
  • restructuring of a company is required to prevent bankruptcy,
  • value engineering of products needs to be done,
  • (re-) engineering is required,
  • temporary management of the company or subsidiaries is required,
  • enhancement of businesses in Eastern – Europe or Asia is requested,
  • timely limited engineering support for product developments acc. to ISO 26262 functional safety requirements is required,
  • HW- or SW-engineering support for embedded systems is requested.

DEINE – Deutsche Ingenieure GmbH connects managers, consultants, accountants, developers and is backed up by a strong network of partners.

We are a reliable partner for our customers – Always!